ASTANA – The Kazakh parliament approved a bill to rename the capital of Kazakhstan a fter former President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Wednesday at a joint meeting of its two houses. The bill was passed in two readings and the decision was announced by Nurlan Nigmatul in, speaker of the lower house of the Kazakh parliament, state news agency Kazinform reported. At the initiative of the new interim president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, it was dec ided to change the name of the capital from Astana to Nursultan without a referendum. Earlier in the day, Tokayev took office as Kazakhstan’s interim president following the sud den resignation ofRead More →

Use of China’s mobile payment services has skyrocketed over the past five years, with total transactions covered reaching 277.39 trillion yua n ($41.51 trillion) in 2018 — a more than 27-fold increase from five years ago, according to the central bank. A total of 60.53 billion mobile payment transactions were conducted last year, as a repor t released by the People’s Bank of China Monday shows, while the figure was only 1.67 billion back in 2013. From around 2013, with online payments dominant and mobile payments only nas cent, to 2018, which saw mobile payments outpacing the domestic market, it is easy to observe aRead More →

to stay by making big investments,” said the 38-year-old Greek. “Of course our sport is very popular in China and organizing the Cup will make it even more popular. A good perfo rmance by the national team will give it an extra boost. We are harnessing our potential under the leadership of Yao Ming.” FIBA’s footprint in China has become more noticeable in recent ye ars. Last June, the governing body unveiled plans to build a “one-of-a-kind” basketball aca demy in Beijing in conjunction with Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited to foster young Chinese talent. And, in collaboration with the CBA, the first-ever FIBA WorldRead More →

movable. However, internet blurs the boundary and allows people to access high-quality resources without leaving their home. According to the action plan, China will promote Internet Plus in several sectors such as healthcare, elderly care, education and culture, to boost new con sumption based on internet platforms, and develop online and offline coordinated consumption. According to a report from the China E-commerce Research Ce nter, in 2017, China’s online education market was worth 240.2 billion yuan, up 53.97 perc ent from the previous year. The figure is expected to grow to more than 400 billion yuan in market scale in 2018. The upgrade in informationRead More →

ing in China. For one, pet cats are good stress-busters. And in these hectic, stressful times in urban areas, they could prove very useful, experts said. Agreed Huang Xinyi, 28, a Beijing-based film producer. “Every time my cat purrs at me , head-butts my face, and rubs against my leg, I want to hug him and kiss him all over.” Many of her generation, aged 25 to 35, are busy pursuing busy careers in cities, far from their hometowns. “I get lonely sometimes, but my cat has always been good company,” Huang said. “Moreover, cats are more independent. I don’t have to walk my catRead More →

  city of Bengaluru, says the BJP “has done a lot of good work” but he is uneasy about its religious underpinnings.   ”Any time that (situation) happens it is chaotic for the system, and I feel one thing Congress stands for is secularism, which the BJP does not,” he said.   Modi’s rise has left many Indian liberals worried about an increase in religious intolerance at the expense of Muslim s and other minorities. In contrast to the Congress Party’s secular stance, the BJP is strongly aligned with conse rvative Hindu nationalists — the more extreme of whom want India governed in accordance with strict Hindu beliefs.Read More →

  possession of firearms and police are still trying to understand their involvement, said New Zealand Police Com missioner Mike Bush. On Friday night local time police tweeted that the pair remain in custody.   Police said a fourth person was arrested Friday but “that was not related to these events.”   Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that at least one of those arreste d is Australian. He said the shooting was the work of an “extremist right-wing, violent terrorist.”   Police said they do not believe there are any other suspects but added that it was still an open investigation.   None of the four people arrested hadRead More →

China’s new generation of soldiers have developed better comprehensive qualities, are physically stronger, better educated and more enthusiastic in serving the country, said Senior Colonel Wei Changjin, political commissar of the Zaozhuang Regional Military Command, on Wednesday. “With a stronger economy and enhanced education, the comprehensive qualities of newly- recruited soldiers have been greatly improved,” Wei said before the closing of the Second Session of the 13th Nat ional Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Newly recruited soldiers are physically stronger thanks to various fitness options and intensifi2019/03/13/wwwsh419llcom-7/ining prov ided by schools, according to Wei, a member of the CPPCC national committee.Read More →

  The European Union is suspending all operations of all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in Europe beginning at 3 p.m. ET, according to a statement.   “As a precautionary measure, EASA has published today an Airworthiness Directive, effect ive as of 19:00 UTC, suspending all flight operations of all Boeing Model 737-8 MAX and 737-9 MAX aeroplanes in Europe.”   ”In addition EASA has published a Safety Directive, effective as of 19:00 UTC, suspendi ng all commercial flights performed by third-country operators into, within or out of the EU of the above mentioned models.”   The announcement follows a growing tide of European countries that grounded or banned theRead More →

  Austria, Poland and Italy have all suspended the use of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in the aftermath of the Ethiopian Airlines crash.   Austria announced the suspension of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft over the apparent “massive pr oblems” with the fleet, a statement from Austria’s Transport Minister Norbert Hofer said on Tuesday. Hofer added that “safety is a top priority” and the decision to ground the aircrafts was made “on the basis of the facts currently available.”   Italy said it was grounding all Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft as of 9 p. m. Tuesday (4 p.m. ET) over the “continuing lack of definite information” since theRead More →