Park Hyun-soon, an eggplant farmer who lives next to the heap, says the fires spew ash over her greenhouses, blocking light from the plants and ruining her produce.   ”The eggplants are growing gnarled,” she says. “We almost never open our windo ws. When we leave the house, we don’t smell the nature but the burning (garbage).”   The local government now issues dust masks to residents.   ”My eyes hurt, my head hurts,” Park says. “All the residents are suffering.”   Story of a trash mountain   The Uiseong garbage pile is the largest in South Korea, according to local officials, and has a storied history.   In 2008, KimRead More →

demand for lifting the sanctions at one go, nor will Pyongyang dismantle all its nuclear facilit ies and destroy its nuclear weapons in compliance with Washington’s demand. Perhaps this lack of mutual trust prevented Kim and Trump from signing any agreem ents at their second summit. Or maybe they didn’t sign any agreements because the two sides had not m ade good preparations to reach consensuses on even very important issues. With no agreements planned in advance, all the problems were left for the two leaders to dis cuss and decide. And even if the two leaders have formed a good personal friendship, as TrumpRead More →

  The news that President Donald Trump walked away from negotiations with Nor th Korea early and empty-handed led many experts and lawmakers to heave sig hs of relief, even as the summit’s abrupt finale raises questions about where things go from here.   Many had worried that the President, eager to score a success and distract from damaging testimony by his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, would make a deal that endangered Am erica’s national security and possibly decrease the chances of Pyonyang denuclearization.   According to people familiar with conversations among the President’s senior national security officials, Trump told so me advisers ahead ofRead More →

not adjusted for more than one year, while 54 percent said their salary was cut due to shrinking bonuses. Nearly 54 percent of those surveyed said they were unable to strike a balance bet ween family and career due to low salary, according to the survey. The survey was based on questionnaires completed by 1,064 employees aged 20 and above from Jan 24 to Feb 11. According to the island’s statistical agency, the real average monthly salary of employees in Taiwan’s industrial and ser vice sectors was NT$38,235 ($1,243) in 2018, which is below the average monthly salary of NT$38,398 in 2001. Employees in theRead More →

  rather than in northernEngland”Japanese businesses are seeing returning to Japan as affordable and profitable,” said S tephen Nagy, an associate professor at International Christian University in Tokyo.   Honda said it had decided to shut its plant because of “the unpre cedented changes in the global automotive industry” such as the shift toward electric veh cles. It plans to move production from Britain to Japan, the United States and China.   Recent trade deals have also made Britain a less attractive base for Japanese companies after Brexit.   Nagy pointed to the trade deal between the European Union and Japan, which took effec t this month, and theRead More →

get of plagiarism allegations because he, having obtained a PhD at the Beijing Film Academy and been freshly enrolled by Peking University f or postdoctoral research, was found to not know about the China National Knowledge Infra structure (CNKI), a Chinese database of academic resources. China Daily writer Zhang Zhouxiang comments: To anyone who has ever written an academic essay in the Chinese language, Zhai not knowing about CNKI is as absurd as a self-claimed chemist not knowing the periodic table of elements. CNKI is an online platform that allows students and scholars to search for academic articles and papers published in China, and readRead More →

According to zhangjiakou WeChat public release news, about 16 PM on January 30, sig b ath center in qiaodong district zhangjiakou red flag (electric) of the boi ler in a boiler explosion safety accidents, killing 2 people on the spot, two people were injured.At present, the inj ured have been sent to the hospital.Rescue workers rushed to the scene at the first time for disposal. Do WeChat public letter according to the destination network number one hundred destination, the cause of the acc ident to sig bath center to the illegal use of obsolete coal-fired boiler, the boiler door ring and furnace joint cr acking,Read More →

Just the web comprehensive coverage rump on twitter for former starbucks CEO Howard schultz responded to run for P resident.He said on twitter, “Howard schultz didn’t the courage to run for President.Look at his perf ormance last night on “60 minutes”, I quite agree with, he says he is he is not a “wise man”.In addition, the United States ha s a wise man!I only hope, starbucks can continue to give me pay for their rent in the trump tower!” According to a CNN reported previously, a former star bucks CEO Howard schultz, 27, said he was seriously considered in 2020 as a “centrist independent”Read More →

  Recently, hyun bin and south Korean stars sohn ye jin is in love message has become a hot news.   How visitors see two people walks in Los Angeles, hyun bin with sohn ye jin parents to gether for dinner.However, hyun bin and sohn ye jin’s brokerage firms are respectively the first denied gossip.   Sohn ye jin fang said sohn ye jin parents in South Korea, sohn ye jin is the travel alone, can’t meet with hyun bin.   Hyun bin holds that hyun bin has just finished filming work, now because of work reasons people abroad, not to travel.   Due to encounter are not upload photosRead More →